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Journal of The Korean Society of Maternal and Child Health 2009;13(2):220-233.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.21896/jksmch.2009.13.2.220    Published online July 31, 2009.
Assessment of Health Status in Children and Healthcare Needs in the Day Care Centers
한경자1, 김지수2, 최미영3
건강사정에 근거한 보육시설 영유아의 건강상태 및 건강관리 요구 -서울시 일개 구의 구립어린이집을 중심으로-
한경자1, 김지수2, 최미영3
: To investigate the children's health status such as growth and development, current health problems, past medical history, health behaviors and parents' need for child health in day care centers.
: A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted on 244 children at 6 day care centers in Seoul. Parents completed a structured questionnaire and research assistants conducted growth and development assessment, physical exam and surveyed children's health behaviors for a month, Feb 2007. Data analysis was conducted using SPSS Win, and analyzed through descriptive statistics.
: For 26.6% of the children were chronic illness such as cold, atopy, asthma, respiratory disease, chronic renal failure, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. And 4.1% of them had acute disease. About eleven percent of children missed standard vaccination in partially. Failure of growth was found in 3.3% of subjects and there was 8.6% of them who were under weight and 7.8% were obese. The result of Korean Denver II developmental screening test showed 8.6% of subjects were classified as questionable or untestable. On the physical exam, 6.2% of the children had hypertension and about 8% did the other health problems. Many parents was unsatisfied with child health care and needed revision of facilities, health care provider for their children in child day care centers.
: As a result, quite a number of children in child day care centers had health problems. These results represent there is a need to develop and make provisions for health service programs for children in day care centers by health experts.
Key Words: child, health assessment, physical examination, health status, child day care centers

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