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Journal of The Korean Society of Maternal and Child Health 2015;19(1):95-102.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.21896/jksmch.2015.19.1.95    Published online January 31, 2015.
Incidence of Late Preterm Birth in Primi- and Multiparous Women by Maternal Age; 2008~2012 Singleton Birth Certificate Data of Korea
박상화1, 송인명2, 임달오2
1서울대학교 의학연구원 인구의학연구소
초·경산부의 출산 연령에 따른 후기조기분만 발생 빈도에관한 연구; 2008~2012년 단태아 인구동태통계 중심으로
박상화1, 송인명2, 임달오2
1서울대학교 의학연구원 인구의학연구소
The objective of this study was to compare the incidence of late preterm (34~36 weeks:LP) birth in primi- and multiparous women aged 30~34, 35~39, and ≥40 years with primiparouswomen aged 20~29 years.
Odds ratio of LP birth by maternal age and 95% confidence intervals (CI) were calculatedfrom logistic regression analyses adjusted for maternal and infantile variables (year of birth,infantile gender, marital status, maternal education and occupation). We used 2008~2012 singletonbirth certificate data of Korea Statistics excluding maternal age ≤19 years and early preterm(gestational age ≤33 weeks). The study cases consisted of 2,227,741 births; 122,045 mothers(5.5%) were aged 20~24 years, 713,704 (32.1%) were aged 25~29 years, 1,020,910 (45.9%)were aged 30~34 years and 368,790 (16.5%) were aged ≥35 years.
The incidence of infants born LP was 3.5% during 2008~2012. Compared with primiparouswomen aged 20~29 years, the odds ratio of LP birth were 1.18 (CI: 1.15~1.21) for multiparouswomen aged 20~29 years, 1.13 (CI: 1.11~1.16) in primiparas versus 1.14 (CI: 1.11~1.16)in multiparas aged 30~34 years, 1.47 (CI: 1.42~1.52) in primiparas versus 1.38 (CI: 1.34~1.41)in multiparas aged 35~39 years, and 1.89 (1.76~2.03) in primiparas versus 2.06 (1.96~2.16) inmultiparas aged 40 years and over.
Advanced maternal age in primi- and multiparous women was associated with LPbirth after adjusting for the maternal and infantile variables. There was a need for more researchin this area to understand the risk factors for LP birth.
Key Words: late preterm birth, maternal age, primi and multipara

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